A new podcast convention from the creators of BroadwayCon, LeakyCon, and Con Of Thrones.

MAY 31 – JUNE 2, 2019 • NASHVILLE



Whether you’re a morning commute listener, an avid fan, or an aspiring or professional podcaster yourself, you’ll find so much to see and do at PodX.

We are still filling the PodX 2019 schedule with exciting and educational programming, but we wanted to give you an early look at the type of events you can expect from the final schedule once it is released.

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PodX Feud!

Survey says you can probably guess what this is. We’ve surveyed 100 podcast fans, and we’re going to make our guests guess what the most popular answers were.

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Our Favorite Outtakes

Your favorite podcasters are here to tell delightfully embarrassing stories that you didn’t get to hear. Please note: not all stories may be embarassing, but for sure we’ll get a couple.

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The PodX-Factor

Think you know the best way to do an ad read? The quietest way to drink while recording? We’ll crown the best podcaster in this very serious competition where the rules are made up and the winner gets mild bragging rights.

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Now That’s What I Call Podcasts!

We all remember our first. We’ll talk to a panel about the first time they heard a podcast: what it was, what hooked them, and why did they dive deeper into the audio sphere.

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How Podcast Fans have Changed the Game

You—yes you— matter. Let’s talk with podcasters about just what it is about fandom that has made the podcast sphere such a fun place to work.

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It’s All Been Done Before

Why ideas that have been done before are still worth trying

It can be disheartening to come up with what you feel is a great podcast idea, only to see it represented in many forms on the iTunes charts. Just because it’s already been done, doesn’t mean you still can’t bring value to a topic. Listen to our podcast guests discuss how they were able to provide fresh takes on redone ideas.

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Joining a Network

When and if you should make the move

The decision to join a podcast network can be a daunting one. Our panel will discuss the pros and cons of networks, and give helpful tips on what to look for when taking your podcast to the next level.

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Podcasting Workshops

Scripting, Production, Audio Engineering, and more

Learn helpful tips, and time-saving tricks from seasoned podcasting professionals during in-depth workshops at PodX.

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How to sell your show to anyone

Whether it’s potential investors, sponsors, guests, or just friends, being able to quickly and effectively sell your podcast is essential. Discover helpful ways to boil your amazing ideas down to their most powerful essence.

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Don’t Forget To Follow

Building your own brand on social media

It may seem like a given in today’s digitally connected world, but developing a vibrant social media following is key to growing your podcast’s audience. Hear from experts about the do’s and don’ts of posting as a podcaster.

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